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trade : mediacarom

  • Location : Bucharest, Romania
  • Year : 2002
  • Client : Medicarom Group
  • Contractor : N/A
  • Project Cost : N/A

Located in Bucharest Romania, this was commissioned for a medical products and computer software development company. One of the main aims behind this project was to introduce the concept of attractive working environments to a city awash with drab soviet era buildings or ultra-glitzy impersonal international-business-temples. The project intended to achieve this by refurbishing and extending two existing soviet-era buildings as well as building two additional low-rise office blocks. The new buildings were grouped to form an attractive landscaped piazza in what was formally a drab parking lot. Another feature of this project was the client's wish to introduce South African building products and contractors to the Romanian market. Exchange rate fluctuations resulted in the project being shelved.