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private - sea : bungalow 12

  • Location : Bakoven,Cape Town
  • Year : 2005-6
  • Client : Private
  • Contractor : Sean Pope Construction
  • Project Cost : R 3 000 000

This building is situated in one of Cape Town's best locations, an intimate little bay called Glen Beach. The project was for the extensive re-configuration of the existing beach bungalow on the site with the principal intention being the addition of a second floor. This would then transform the building into two holiday apartments. The significance of the project centers on the fact that Cape Town's beach bungalows enjoy a special protected status in the eyes of the local city council. New designs for bungalows receive intense attention from the city's top planning staff and have to comply with a highly controlled and restrained "bungalow vernacular." Our design acknowledges this reality whilst simultaneously extending the regulatory boundaries to express a character that is; modern, earthy and above all comfortable to live in.