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private - mountain : bio kinetic

  • Location : Llandudno,Cape Town
  • Year : 2006
  • Client : Private
  • Contractor : N/A
  • Project Cost : R 6 500 000 (est)

This project explores simplicity through the transformation of a suburban house into an uncluttered
container for living, working and playing. It is sited on a steep mountain slope overlooking the sea side village of Llandudno. The client's brief was to create a building that would set itself apart from the surrounding suburban sprawl whilst accommodating not just a home but also the headquarters of her international
bio-technology company. The architecture therefore had to express the high-tech ethos of her work. It was conceptualised as a "space-liner" hovering over the mountain side, its rectilinear features set in contrast with the organic nature of the mountain itself.