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B.Tech Arch (Applied Design) 1993
Pr S. Arch T., M.C.I.A

Marco is a founder member of archilab. His experience covers a wide range of practice forms in both South Africa and Europe.
He has also served on the several professional bodies in the architectural education arena. He has a keen interest in urban development and low cost housing and has delivered public lectures and published a number of works in the field of urban development.

B.Tech Arch (Applied Design) 1993
Pr S. Arch T., M.C.I.A, M.S.A.I.A.T

Michael is a founder member of archilab. He is an established creative artist and designer. With experience spanning a full range of architectural commissions from high-rise corporate headquarters to luxury private houses. Michael currently occupies a part-time lecturing post at the Cape Peninsular University of Technology. He is also currently a member of the executive committee of the Cape Institute for Architecture, as well as the South African Institute of Architectural Technologists. He also serves on The South African Council for the Architectural Profession.
Michael has also turned a hobby and rather profound sketching talent onto canvas, and adapted his architechtural sketches into an artform. To see more of his amazing work click here.

B.Arch (UCT) 2001
Pr. Arch., M.I.A.

Ishmaiel has 9 years working experience in both large and small architectural offices. His knowledge base integrates both the theoretical and practical aspects of architecture, ranging from an intimate knowledge of materials to the actual building process itself. Ishmaiel currently assists in teaching at the UCT architecture school.